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Seminar Topics 

Below is a guide to the topics the Presenters will be presenting.

These topics are subject to change at the discretion of the presenters.







  • 1.  Evidence based guidelines on exercising dogs before skeletal maturity and beyond.

  • 2.  Congenital and developmental musculoskeletal conditions +  Early red flags and management.

  • 3.  Recognising gait, postural and performance issues + Injury prevention.

  • 4.  The most common musculoskeletal injuries in the dog + Injury management.

  • 5.  The role of Canine Conditioning and importance of “the core” in all dogs – from companion pets to the show and sporting dog.

  • 6   Managing the arthritic and older dog.

Sandra Sharpe 

(B.Phty, B. Ex Sc, M.Sc, Vet Phty)

Animal Physiotherapist

Animal Conditioning & Rehabilitation

  • 1. Effective Management for Breeding Success

  • 2. Monitoring and Managing Pregnancy and Parturition

  • 3. Paediatric ICU and Neonatal Care

  • 4. Reproductive Diseases: Pyometra and Prostate Disease

  • 5. Effects of Early Age Desexing

  • 6. Pre-Breeding Testing


Dr Xavier Schneider


BIT BLM(dist) BVSc(hons)

MANZCVS (Animal Reproduction) Dip ACT 

Registered Specialist in Theriogenology

(Reproduction) Canine, Equine and Bovine reproduction, medicine and surgery.

  • 1. Brain Games

  • 2. Scent Detection - How dogs find invasive plants & pathogens, plus personality traits of good detection dogs.

  • 3. Trick Training for Film and Television

  • 4. Factors that Influence Behaviour from Conception to Adult

  • 5. Escapades of Ryan & Steve in the field.

Published authors

Dog Training and Animal Behaviour

Canines for Conservation & Biosecurity

Zoo keepers

Puppy Raising

Ryan & Jen Tate

Vicki Austin  CPDT - KA

Dog Training and Behaviour

Industry Educator

Passionate About Understanding Dogs

Better Puppy Raising

  • 1.   Setting up puppy parents to avoid future problems

  • 2.   Simplifying the science for treating fears & phobias

  • 3.   Strategies for treating anxiety in dogs

  • 4.   What's there to be anxious about ?

Steve Austin   CPDT - KA 


International Dog Trainer

Recognised Leader in Scent Detection

Passionate About Dogs for Conservation

Professional Mentor

  • 1. Scent Detection is for all dogs 

  • 2. Snake Avoidance Training

  • 3. Scent Work - Get it right from the start with errorless learning

  • 4. Managing the Dog Training Cycle

  • 5. Water-Leak Scent Detection

  • 6. Escapades of Ryan and Steve in the Field




Kaye McGhie

(B.Bus) National Breeder Services Manager

with Mars Petcare.

International Conformation Judge

Breeder & Exhibitor

Lecturer: Companion Animal Nutrition

Certificates in Animal Behaviour & Welfare

Dog Cognition & Emotion

  1. Nutrition for Breeding – How to raise a Champion 

  2. Functional Nutrition – Get that “extra edge” in Performance and in the Show Ring 

  3. Neonatal issues – How Breeders can manage them and save puppies 

  4. Dog Cognition – How do dogs think and learn? 

  5. Epigenetics – What is it? Why Breeders should consider it! 

  6. Temperament & Genetics – How are they linked? 

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